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Ellis L. Marsalis Jr.

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New Releases

This is not a comprehensive list of current releases, this is just what we've received. Many new CDs have been or are slated for release at this time. For more listings, see the links on the left, particularly those of the Louisiana Music Factory and the New Orleans Music Store at . Also, check out the monthly offBeat Reviews.


Double Monkey Time
Bill E. Shaw
If you were driving down a lonely road and came upon a roadhouse bar with live music, you'd think you were in heaven if the band was led by Bill E. Shaw. This is soulful, smoky stuff. A heaping of soul and rock, a hint of reggae and a cup of swamp pop that simply makes you comfortable with a book, a drink, a smoke, a companion, a room full of friends, you name it.


Mum Is The Word
Chris Cortez
An accomplished jazz guitarist, composer and singer, Chris Cortez also has his tongue firmly in his cheek on many of these highly entertaining songs. With a voice like Mose Allison and the flying fingers of Joe Pass or Django, Cortez is joined by equally talented ensembles that make the dozen cuts on this release as smooth as creme bruleé.


Faith is in the Heart
Lenny McDaniel
Lenny McDaniel has a voice that cuts directly to the heart of the matter and to the core of the listener. It is soulful, rich and filled with emotion based on experience. After several CDs, McDaniel has proven himself not only to be a great singer/songwriter but also a producer and multitalented instrumentalist at home on the piano and guitar--and better than most on both. This CD taps into a spiritualism not found on previous discs. He has obviously been there and back. Fans will appreciate the ride and new listeners will surely find common ground.


Allons a La Veille Chez Robert
Robert LeBlanc, Al Berard, Mitch Reed, Lisa Reed

Ride the Donkey
Don Fontenot et Les Amis de La Louisiana

Au Coup D'eclair
Kevin Naquin & the Ossun Playboys
Swallow Records
A few years ago, when the dotcom explosion was causing speculative buyouts of labels across the country, Floyd Soileau thought he might cash out and retire. And the world's largest collection of Cajun and zydeco music could have been housed in California instead of Ville Platte. Fortunately for all of us, nobody paid the price Floyd wanted. And Floyd didn't retire. The output of records from his various labels since then has been prodigious. Allons a La Veille Chez Robert is an homage by some of south Louisiana's most dedicated and proficient Cajun musicians. And these tracks, 20 in all for a true bargain, are all acoustic numbers with no drums, washboard or other percussive instruments. Imagine if four of your favorite Cajun musicians visited and played in your living room. Well, that's what this record gives you the chance to do with every listen.

As you would imagine with a title like Ride the Donkey, Don Fontenot's music is a raucous Cajun party with a full band and lots of extras. This CD represents a more modern Cajun/Swamp Pop style that is heard in dance halls and on the radio. This music is fun music for people with a sense of humor and a desire to have a good time. A fine mix of upbeat songs, ballads, waltzes, two-steps and more, this CD is a fat slice of boudin for the soul.

Kevin Naquin & the Ossun Playboys are a full-on Cajun band, with pedal steel, just like the bands this writer grew up with such as Belton Richard or Larry Brasseaux, both of whom had television shows in the 1960s. This is tight, well-played stuff on a par with Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys. Great dance music with very high caliber production values from an award-winning band. Highly recommended.


Living in the Big Wide World
Andi Hoffmann & B-Goes
Andi Hoffmann & B-Goes' latest CD is, like this songwriter's previous works, filled with catchy, pleasant tunes. The always-interesting Andi Hoffmann writes modern sounding tunes that have a familiar, comfortable feel that makes listening to this CD a pleasant experience. His voice and songs bring to mind to the work of the late Warren Zevon and sometimes Mark Knopfler. Andi always has top-notch musicians and great production values. This is a fine work worthy of more attention.


12 & Shorty
James and Troy Andrews
Keep Swingin' Records
This new CD from yet another great musical family, features siblings James and Troy Andrews together performing classic traditional jazz tunes. It's a sweet homage to the music of the brass bands of New Orleans and includes gems like "Bourbon Street Parade" and "Just a Closer Walk With Thee." Hearing such timeless classics played by such young and talented musicians is a true delight. The CD was one of the top sellers at this year's Jazz Fest and surely will become a classic. Contact Keep Swingin' Records at .


Big Hat Zydeco Mix
Thomas "Big Hat" Fields
Greatest Hits & More!
Jackie Callier/Ivy Dugas & the Cajun Cousins
Swallow Records/Maison de Soul
Here we go again with a trio of great releases from the world's most prolific and important producer of Cajun and Zydeco music, the venerable Floyd Soileau's Swallow and Maison de Soul labels.

Thomas "Big Hat" Fields is a rollicking zydeco artist whose big smile, big hat and big sound have kept dance floors hopping for years. This CD features classics and originals all livened by a tight band and arrangements.

Jackie Callier, Ivy Dugas and the Cajun Cousins are an award winning group of Cajun musicians with a sound all their own. Ivy Dugas has won Male Vocalist honors from the Cajun French Music Association 4 times since 1996. In fact the band has won 4 times in Best Recording and Band of the Year, no small accolade in the prolific but tight-knit world of Cajun music. This CD's production values are pristine and the band sounds like its playing in your living room. What better way to get you waltzing and two stepping!

T-Salé is a young band with deep roots in Cajun culture and music. This CD reflects their love and respect for the musicians who paved the way. With a mix of tunes penned by such greats a Dewey Balfa, Cyprien Landreneau, Canray Fontenot, Iry LeJeune and Nathan Abshire, T-Salé showcases their superior musicianship and arrangements that take the original tunes into the 21st Century without making them sound too modern. In other words, these musicians pay homage by capturing the essence of these masters' work in richly detailed performances that show T-Salé's love, respect and talent.


P's & Q's
Plateau Records
North Louisiana has always had a rich music scene. However, most folks assume that genres like country or gospel are all one can find. But, one of the state's first reggae bands and many great blues and rock artists hail from that area. Now, add Hip Hop to the list. DEESmuve's debut CD, P's & Q's is a well performed and produced first effort. 16 tracks plus bonus tracks make this a great value, too. Plateau Records is doing a great job marketing this hot artist. Now, if only radio would get on board this worthy artist might go far.


I'm Still Standing
This CD is so amazing it's hard to figure out where to start. Guest artists_ Leon Russell, Wolfman Washington, Jerry Jumonville, Tracy Griffin, Bob Andrews and more. Great songs_ Timothea tapped into her soul for 9 of the 11 tracks and found even more great songs than her last equally amazing CD. Credibility_ Beyond a doubt, this diminutive singer/songwriter has the chops, the background, the heart and soul to be singing these songs. Spirit_ Timothea gives back even more via
Siren To Wail, her Hep-C awareness network that has helped musicians and others find the help they need to survive. And that's why she's still standing.


Cajun Sole
The Mamou Cajun Band
Savoir Faire avec Paul Daigle
Do You Know How It Feels_
John Leger & Débris Cajun Band
Swallow Records
We've raved about Floyd Soileau's amazing contributions to the preservation and well-being of Cajun and Zydeco music many times. And we're happy to see that he isn't ready to retire. The plethora of young musicians and bands in Acadiana is breathtaking. Young artists are learning from the past and the present, not only how to make great traditional music, but how to contribute to its evolution. Thanks to the re-release of classics, like Cajun Sole by the late Mamou Cajun Band, future generations will know the music of deceased greats like Adam and Cyp Landreneau and will read the prose of the late and colorful Paul Tate. Part of the Encore series, Swallow Records also includes English interpretation of these haunting Cajun melodies.

This is the second CD by Savoir Faire avec Paul Daigle. It is another great traditional Cajun disc but with a more modern sound quality than old time Cajun recordings. The playing is lively, the musicianship is top notch and the sound is crisp. This is an excellent CD and includes complete lyrics in both French and English, a very nice addition.

John Leger discovered the accordion at the age of 5 while visiting his grandfather in Welsh (near Lake Charles). He grew up being mentored by some of the most dedicated musicians in the region. This CD is authentic, traditional Cajun music played with talent and enthusiasm. C'est trés bon!

Always Cajun
Dave Petitjean
This is the fourth CD by Cajun humorist (and sometime actor) Dave Petitjean. As always, it is filled with outrageously funny bits recorded live in front of an appreciative audience. If you've never experienced the tradition of Cajun humor (most people were exposed to the late Justin Wilson thanks to his popular cooking show), this is a great way to draw laughter from the depths of your body and indulge in the best exercise of all---laughter.


Mermaids of the Canary Islands
Moise & Alida Viator with Eh, La-Bas!
One of the beautiful things about Louisiana is how many cultural influences there are. And that, despite the passage of decades and even centuries, the roots of these cultures still bear fruit. The Viators, an amazing family from the Eunice area, not only make music, but musical instruments and law (the father--Etienne--is a law professor at Loyola). The band, and this CD, pays a loving tribute to the Creole cultures of the West Indies, Louisiana and New Orleans. The songs are a mix of old and new and are sung in Creole French. This is a fine disc for a Sunday morning, or a Saturday night, or....contact
via email or call .


First Day of School
The Orange Band
Timmy Wells makes music for children. And children need to hear his music. For First Day of School, the Orange Band takes kids on a journey of learning, from numbers to attitude, they will get happy, catchy lessons that are just what first or second grade teachers (which Wells is) could use to help make the classroom more fun. This is exactly the CD parents and teachers need to help their children grow smarter, happier and, in general, better.

The 2nd release by New Orleans rock band PunchPeople is an amazing work. Self-produced (the studio is not listed on the liner notes...), the songs, sound and production values of this CD are equal to anything in the marketplace. The songs, which reflect an array of styles and are rich with textural qualities, are influenced by too many artists to list; though the obvious comparisons (PP are a trio) to the Police and Rush are extolled in the band's promos. But there is more here than simple comparisons. This is a great CD with songs that would sound great blaring from a car radio tuned to the (smart enough) radio station that should be helping break this band.


Scoot Boogie's Baby
Lani Ramos
Lani Ramos makes no bones about comparisons to Janis Joplin. For live shows she's billed a Big Pearl, which is also the name of her website. Though this affection might distract some, her voice, music, style and sound are a respectable mix that does sound like Janis, and it's pretty good stuff, too. This CD is a musical throwback, done respectfully and accurately, that sounds like it was written and recorded in 1969. It's a very good snapshot of an ambitious singer whose energy and soul comes through.


Pin Your Spin
Jon Cleary & the Monster Gentlemen
Henry Butler
Theresa Andersson
Basin Street Records
The folks at Basin Street Records are known for putting out high quality music and for working the marketplace like no label in the state. This time they've managed to put together 3 great records by some of Louisiana's finest musicians and release them simultaneously.

Jon Cleary & the Monster Gentlemen's last release was as funky a CD as ever. This new disc validates that Cleary and band are monstrously talented. Funky grooves, smooth and soulful vocals and the tightest rhythms you've ever heard combine to make this a great CD.

Henry Butler has some of the fastest fingers in the world. And the CD cover blurs his hands and keys in an appropriately artful way. Butler is one of the best pianists ever produced by the Crescent City, no small feat. This CD captures a more modern edge with soul, pop, funk, even hints of Parliament Funkadelic. A tight, well produced (Dave Pirner co-produced) effort.

Shine, what an apt title for the new Theresa Andersson CD. This disc rocks! We've all known for years that Theresa has one of the finest voices in music. We knew she could play the fiddle. But we never heard her reach the kind of musical heights that this CD achieves. This is a rocking, pop CD that would be at home on the playlist of any mainstream radio station. Let's hope that its breakthrough potential happens. Congratulations to Basin Street Records. And we know there's more to come.


All I Have is a Moment
Monica Dillon
Monica Dillon is a talent keyboardist with a sultry voice and this CD is a smooth, sometimes jazzy excursion. A talented songwriter, Dillon's talents are amply displayed on this very pleasant and romantic CD.


15 Minutes
An Independent Songwriter's Compilation Vol. 1
JPF Music
Jay Fallo, producer of the 15 Minutes Songwriter's Night frequently held at the Parish Room of the House of Blues, hit upon this great concept a while back. By giving each songwriter 15 minutes, the audience gets a broad variety of artists in one night. The concept works as attendance has been solid. This CD is the first volume and includes 9 songwriters and 12 tracks (what, not 15_), all worthy of a listen.


Just Passing Thru
Blayne Mayard
This songwriter from Scott (near Lafayette) is solidly country. This CD has ballads, upbeat tunes (think Jimmy Buffet), waltzes, swing, a touch of Cajun and a little rock for good measure. An excellent CD.


East of Rampart Street
Brian Stoltz
How can you not respond viscerally to the unmistakable voice of Papa Funk, Art Neville, as the opening licks of this deeply funky CD hit your ears_ This is an amazing collection of music from one of Louisiana's most reputable guitarists.


Bon Réve
Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
Rounder Records
Probably the tightest Cajun band in the world, Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys strike again with this Rounder release. The liner notes and photos are superb with both English and French text. This is a 17 song CD, a bargain and a megadose of amazing playing and songwriting. A must for any true fan of Louisiana music.


Pilette Breakdown
Lost Bayou Ramblers
Swallow Records
More great Cajun music from the Michot family, this time from Louis Michot with brothers Andre and David. The Lost Bayou Ramblers live consist primarily of Louis and percussionist/drummer Chris Courville, also of the Bluerunners. This is a really good CD. Fans of Cajun music will be pleased.


When It Rains
Dani is a female singer with a nice voice whose choice of music runs from country to romantic ballads. This CD is well recorded and performed and features lots of heart-tugging tunes. A credible debut.


That Can Be Used Again!
Frankie Ford
Fourteen songs by the prolific balladeer from Gretna that showcase the legendary Frankie Ford's great voice. Lots of original tunes, a few classics and tons of fun, this CD proves that Frankie Ford deserves his status as one of the great singers of popular music.


Dubach Louisiana
Ted Roberts

This CD is clean, classic country and gospel from North Louisiana. Ted Roberts has a deep, smooth voice and a nice knack for writing catchy, often uplifting songs. For more information call.


Deacon John's Jump Blues
Music from the Film
We just got our copy of this amazing musical performance. Filmed in High Definition format and recently aired state wide, Deacon John's Jump Blues is a wonderful coming together of musical legends. Featuring Allen Toussaint, Dr. John, Teddy Boutte, Henry Butler and more, all arranged and led by the great Wardell Quezergue. This performance represents the finest aggregation of hot New Orleans R&B players ever assembled since the 21st Century began. A must.


Boozoo Hoodoo!
The Songs of Boozoo Chavis
Various Artists
This is an amazing CD of songs by the late Boozoo Chavis. Artists include Beausoleil, Marcia Ball, Buckwheat Zydeco, the late Beau Jocque, Steve Riley, Sonny Landreth, Afroskull, the Hackberry Ramblers, New Orleans Klezmer Allstars, Keith Frank, Sean Ardoin, Poncho Chavis, Svare Forsland, Lil' Queenie and more. Profits go to the Chavis family. The album concept is by the late Lance Slom and Greg Eveline. Available on
Fuel 2000 Records. For more information contact Greg Eveline at .


Now's the Time
Rosie Ledet
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Rosie Ledet has the "It Factor" that makes her a star. Talented, beautiful, unique, she has it all. This hot new disc from Floyd Soileau's Maison de Soul label is just what the doctor ordered, a sizzling set of original zydeco tunes that, like Rosie Ledet, could only be produced in Louisiana.


Papa Grows Funk
The funky magic that John Gros, Russell Batiste, June Yamagishi, Peter V., Jason Mingledorff and Marc Pero have is well known to the regular Monday night crowd at the acclaimed Maple Leaf bar. But now, the world can find out how good this band is. Produced by Tracey Freeman and John Gros, this CD is a funky masterpiece. Hit the Play button and watch your feet and butt go into motion.


Fit for Faded
World Leader Pretend
There are many innovative rock bands in Louisiana. However, radio ignores them and that's a shame. World Leader Pretend is a smart rock band. They take their music to interesting places, blending styles is a way that makes their music both interesting and powerful. A very strong debut from the innovative and hard working folks at
Renaissance Records.


La Roue Qui Pend
Les Fréres Michot
Bayou Groove
Kevin Naquin & the Ossun Playboys
Swallow Records

The Michot family is big in many ways. There are plenty of them, of course. But, what really makes them big is the way they've worked to preserve their Cajun roots. This CD is a loving homage to their family camp and their family ties. 23 songs and a 16 page booklet that explains each one. This CD is packed with great songs and an attitude that makes it easy to understand why people love Louisiana.
Kevin Naquin & the Ossun Playboys are a young band, with members ranging in age from 16 to 24. And they make Cajun music that is tight, technically refined and emotionally strong. This CD also features several original tracks that point to a strong future for this hot band. This is truly one of the finest Cajun CDs of the year.


Karin Williams

From her sultry jazz stylings to her hot salsa, vocalist and diva Karin Williams knows how to sing a song. A longtime regular performer at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans, Williams captures the essence of her style and taste on this 10 song CD. Joined by a super lineup of jazz musicians, including hot young trumpeter Christian Scott, this is a first class record.


That Butt Thing
Horace Trahan & the New Ossun Express
La vielle musique Acadien
Dennis Courville & Sady McGee
For Old Times Sake
Ray Abshire & Friends
Swallow Records
Thank God that during the internet boom the vast and growing catalog of precious Louisiana music that has been amassed and recorded by Floyd Soileau wasn't sold. The dollar figures then were so high that the state lost important recordings such as the Black Top Records and Jewel-Paula Records catalogs. Not only did Floyd Soileau not sell out, he's continued to grow and add new records, sometimes by the dozen. These three records capture a wide swath of Cajun and zydeco music. The new, raw sound of Horace Trahan & the New Ossun Express is fun and irreverent. Ray Abshire & Friends is a slice of Cajun heaven. And the sweet fiddling of the late, legendary Dennis Courville and Sady McGee is a breath of fresh air that smells sweetly of times gone by. Louisiana will forever be indebted to Floyd Soileau for having captured and released such beautiful and unique music.


Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes
Mark our words: Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes will go down in history as one of the great New Orleans funk bands. A group of young, highly trained musicians, this ensemble is fun, funky and worth seeking out. This is a great debut CD.


Linnzi Zaorski & Delta Royale
Linnzi Zaorski strives to re-create the classic vocal stylings of 1920s and 30s era jazz legends. And on this CD, she pulls it off successfully. Also featured on the recent CD by The New Orleans Jazz Vipers (see below), Zaorski has great taste in music and the kind of voice that puts the listener in a time warp of delightful early jazz. For more info call or send


The New Orleans Jazz Vipers
New Orleans is experiencing a rebirth of great, old jazz, the kind written during Prohibition. The New Orleans Jazz Vipers play great tunes, and without the usual amplification and technology that can often dissect or color the original intent of the composers. This stuff is timeless and a true delight. For more info, call or send


The Red Stick Ramblers
This CD is a breath of fresh air. Hailing from southwest Louisiana, this entourage of young musicians touch upon the rich links of Cajun, zydeco, Texas swing, gypsy jazz and more. A delightful romp through music history, this CD transcends age groups and genres. The Red Stick Ramblers are magical.


It's A Mardi Gras World
King Nino
A.J. Loria is a bona fide New Orleans Yat. He's deeply steeped in the city's rich piano legacy. And with friends like Johnny Vidacovich, Bernard Purdie, Jim Singleton, Wynton & Branford Marsalis, June Yamagishi, Lady B.J. and Leigh Harris, you can be assured that this CD is 24 karat New Orleans music.


The Isle of Orleans
Tim Laughlin
It's rare that anyone ever does a complete CD of original, traditional jazz songs. Tim Laughlin, one of the finest clarinetists in the world, has done just that. With a cadre of friends like Lucien Barbarin, Tom McDermott, Jason Marsalis and others, this CD is a timeless classic of great New Orleans'


Louisiana Music Legends
Van & Grace
From 1961 to 1969 Van & Grace recorded dozens of classic Swamp Pop tunes. With a career based on their hit "Leavin' It All Up to You" the duo was a mainstay in Louisiana clubs for years. CSP Records went through the vaults and found 24 tunes for this CD, making it a great addition for anyone wishing to complete their collection of classic South Louisiana music.


Spicy New Orleans Rock
A hot new compilation CD featuring more than 20 rock bands from the New Orleans area. Click on the banner above for more information.

Lighten Up!
The Lightnin' Bugs
This is an incredible group of musicians from North Louisiana whose influences and styles reflect the rich cultural mix of the West Indies. It was once said that the extent of the Creole Caribbean extended to New Orleans. However, a listen to this CD proves that the influences extend almost to Arkansas. This is an infectious CD filled with classic New Orleans R&B, reggae, calypso and more. A sweet and listenable disc from a seasoned group of musicians who deserve recognition for their amazingly diverse talent. Contact
Michael Rasbury via email.


Take Some Fire
Beth Patterson & Kalafka
Little Blue Men Records
Beth Patterson is one of the most sought after musicians in New Orleans. Her talents are in demand because she is an immensely talented player and singer. Her work on the bouzouki, an instrument not usually associated with Louisiana, makes this Lafayette native a unique facet of an already complex jewel of music. Musically, she is a treasure. Beth's musical range is broad and her appeal will captivate any listener. Her mastery of Irish songs is matched by her imaginative rock sensibilities, giving her a palette of music that few, if anybody, in the state can match. This is a lush record, beautifully produced and recorded, and is a delightful listen.


Hot & Humid
Lafayette, like the rest of Louisiana, has its own special blend of musical influences. Cajun, zydeco, country, rock, blues, all find a home in the Hub City, the Manhattan of Cajun culture.
HardHeads' music reflects this amalgam of styles. A collection of songs that fit into a Southern Rock vein, but that strongly reflect the Cajun surroundings, this CD is a tasty treat that's sure to please. The band is composed of a group of talented, experienced musicians who've played in a Who's Who of Louisiana bands over the years. This CD belongs in the collection of every serious Louisiana music fan.


Here We Go Again
Jack Neilson
Jack Neilson is a fine songwriter. This is not only evident by the lovely tunes on this CD, but by the list of great musicians accompanying Neilson. Beautifully recorded and with high quality production values, this CD features support from Beth Patterson, David Torkanowsky, Dave Easley, Johnny Vidacovich, Kevin Aucoin, Jay Drongé, Leslie Smith, and more. Produced by Michael Paz. For more information call .


Working Undercover
Holiday Angels
This Christmas CD benefits a wonderful organization called
Angel's Place which provides care for terminally ill children. 18 classic holiday tunes by the Chee-Weez, the Topcats, Bag of Donuts, the Bucktown All-Stars, Four Unplugged, the Boogie Men, the Molly Ringwalds, KRUSH u.k., and Randy Jackson of Zebra, make this a must for Christmas.


Kane Glaze

Pure Swamp Pop Gold Vol 3
CSP Records

A swamp pop gem from a sweet singer with a long musical history. Kane Glaze put together a nice selection of originals and classics done in a distinctive, country/swamp pop style. This is another fine disc from our friends at CSP Records.

Pure Swamp Pop Gold Vol. 3 is a real bargain featuring 20 cuts. Artists on the disc include the legendary Van Broussard, Kane Glaze, Jake Chimento, Ronnie Melancon, Don Rich, Mike Broussard, Kenny Fife, and Wayne Foret. This is a thick slice of south Louisiana's soul.


The Best of...
Deuce of Hearts

Mixing It Up
Pott Folse

Come Back to Me
Don Rich
Jin Records

Floyd Soileau of Ville Platte continues to release a variety of records from his Flat Town Music headquarters. This year they kept up such a brisk pace of releases that we've had a hard time keeping track! These two releases fall under the swamp pop category, but sometimes that doesn't fully describe the music.

Deuce of Hearts is a father and son songwriting duo. Gary and Travis Thibodeaux write clever tunes that strike a chord in listeners. Thus they've garnered radio airplay and had their songs covered by other artists. This Best Of collection features a nice variety of hot songs, 16 in all, a great bargain, that showcase Gary and Travis' fine voices and snappy arrangements. A very hot disc.

Another family effort, Pott Folse's Mixing It Up is a collection of classic tunes, with a couple of originals, performed by a longtime singer whose repertoire includes Cajun, swamp pop, dixieland and much more. Featuring several members of his family, Pott Folse captures the true family values of Louisiana, where music is as much a part of family life as food.

Swamp pop singer Don Rich ongoing legacy comprises a rich body of music including 6 previous releases on Jin Records and that contain more than 50 original compositions. Continuing his work as a songwriter, 6 of this disc's 16 tunes are originals with the rest being popular favorites guaranteed to fill a dance floor. Top notch production and musical performances highlight this CD.


Burning Sands
Joe Nadeau
This Shreveport guitarist can play, and sing, and write, and, well, you get the picture. This is a great CD filled with hot, rockin' songs. Deeply steeped in southern blues, r&b and rock & roll, Joe Nadeau deserves wider recognition. Hopefully this CD, available via
Louisiana Red Hot Records, will mean bigger and better things for this talented artist.

The five Groovopoleans on this CD plan to infect you with Groovitis, and if you listen to this well-produced, jazzy gumbo of songs, it might happen. Groovopolis is a modern band with a mix of jazz, pop, dance and fusion. The band is made up of seasoned veterans who know how to make and fill a tight groove. A first class effort.

Night Songs
Frankie Ford
Frankie Ford is a true legend. After 50 years in the music business, he's still going strong with a voice that soars. This CD is a torch song love fest perfect for a romantic evening. Featuring classic love songs, plus an original and tunes by Allen Toussaint and Tommy Ridgley, Night Songs (the title cut is by poet Rod McKuen) was made for lovers.

Strictly Cajun
Dave Petitjean
Swallow Records
Unless you grew up in Louisiana (or east Texas) you probably haven't heard too many Cajun humorists. Thanks to the success of Justin Wilson's cooking show, however, people know the accent. And thanks to the insight of Floyd Soileau, some of the funniest comedy routines ever created have been recorded for posterity. That's the case with this CD. Dave Petitjean is an actor and a fine comedian. Though some Cajun activists resent the caricatures that this humor portrays, there is no doubt that a sense of humor has been a strong component of the culture. Dave Petitjean certainly has a sense of humor and shares it, hilariously, with us all.

Giddy Up
Christian Serpas & Ghost Town
Unlike the rest of Louisiana, there aren't many country bands in the New Orleans area. That can be both good and bad. Good, because there isn't much competition, and bad because there aren't many supportive clubs. However, for a talented songwriter and band like Christian Serpas & Ghost Town, obstacles are few. This is a really well done CD with good songs and a tight band. Catch them when they haunt your town.


Son of the South
Chris LeBlanc
This effort from Baton Rouge songwriter Chris LeBlanc captures his talent solo. A fine mix of classic tunes and originals all recorded in one sitting, this CD gets better with every listen. From Robert Johnson to Randy Newman, Chris covers a lot of musical ground on this disc. Plus, his own well-crafted, played and sung tunes are a delight.


Trombone Shorty's Swingin' Gate
Troy Andrews
Louisiana Red Hot Records
As the little brother of trumpeter James Andrews, Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews carries forward a legacy that includes familial ties to the late Jessie Hill. As a professional musician since age 5, Troy, now a teenager, has been seen and heard by thousands on the streets of New Orleans. Now a student at NOCCA, Troy has also been seen and heard by millions, thanks to Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra which showcased Troy on a PBS special. This record, produced by and featuring brother James, including several tunes composed by Troy, is a fine introduction to a promising musician. It should be the first of many to come.


Swamp Poppin'
Wayne & Jake
CSP Records
Wayne Foret and Jake Chimento take a Swamp Pop trip through some classic tunes by Frogman Henry, Mac Rebbenack, Lloyd Price and many others. Fifteen tunes recorded by legendary musician Earl Stanley, this CD ought to be in every jukebox in Louisiana.


The Essential Adam Hebert
Swallow Records
27 Cajun French music songs mastered from original recordings made in the late 1950s and early 1960s. This is a great collection of tunes from a master of the genre. Hebert's songs have been covered by countless bands in Louisiana.


Zydeco Hot Tracks Vol. l & ll
The Best of Cajun Hits Sampler Vol. l & ll
Maison de Soul/Swallow Records
Floyd Soileau of Ville Platte holds the distinction of being Louisiana's most prolific label for Cajun and zydeco music, including some of the best humor records ever released. These two samplers are part of a Value Disc series begun this year. Artists include Keith Frank, Clifton Chenier, Boozoo Chavis, Rockin Sidney, Rosie Ledet, Rockin Dopsie, Aldus Roger, Camey Doucet, Belton Richard, Dewey Balfa, Nathan Abshire and more.


All Lit Up
Juice is a funky (psychedelifunk is what they call it) New Orleans jam band. The popular band has captured their collective jams onto a 12 song CD that rambles through a repertoire of party music sure to keep your foot tapping. A
Louisiana Red Hot Records release.


Talent Show
Chris LeBlanc Band
Chris LeBlanc's talent is as big as his physique. This CD is filled with catchy, upbeat rock tunes and belongs in the collection of anyone who loves Squeeze or Elvis Costello. The disc has one cover, a perfect version of the Beatles "She Said." One listen does not do this fine music and production justice. This is one you'll listen to over and over again.


Big Shot
Astral Project
To many of us in Louisiana, Astral Project is the best modern jazz band in the world. That's no small claim; but, after 20 years Astral Project is no mere flash in the pan. The group's first CD since the departure of founding member David Torkanowsky finds them in great form. Tight, clever, melodic arrangements that always seem to tap into the roots of jazz in the city where it was born, Astral Project is, nevertheless, a thoroughly modern jazz band. Indeed, this is a Big Shot.


Steven D. Cohen
Singer and songwriter Steven D. Cohen of Lafayette has written songs that have been covered by artists such as Sammy Kershaw. He knows how to write a good tune. This CD's 14 songs cover lots of ground. A quality effort by a quality songwriter.


Somebody's Knockin'
John Fred & His Playboy Band

There is no doubt about John Fred's pop pedigree. As one of the only Louisiana artists in the 1960s to hit Number One (the Beatles ended a more than decade-long reign by New Orleans and Louisiana acts), John Fred knows a good song when he hears it or writes it. This record rocks, has hooks and in general captures an artist who still knows and performs good music. From TJ Records 17275 Hwy. 77, Grosse Tete LA 70740.


Give Me a Moment
Samirah Evans
Chanteuse is a word that was coined for sultry, jazzy singers like Samirah Evans. This CD, produced by Samirah, Darrell Lavigne and Ricky Sebastien, captures Samirah's profound vocal talents via classic tunes by writers like Gershwin, Ellington, Willie Metcalf and James Taylor. A superb effort.


Just a Girl
Leslie Smith
Another great CD by one of the finest singers in New Orleans. Like her previous CD, Paper Doll, this disc is filled with very personal songs done in a mostly pop vein. Accessible, listenable, catchy tunes that should find a wide audience. The CD release party will be at Snug Harbor on April 3.

This is Now
Meghan Linsey
This 16 year old country singer hits all the right notes in her debut CD. Born in New Orleans and living in Ponchatoula, she's lining up the talk shows and local media in working this impressive release. Megan has star quality and the high production values and great songs on this CD prove our point. Destined for greatness, mark our words.

Todd Washko

Singer/songwriter Washko has been plying his mix of folksy/rockin' tunes around New Orleans for years. This disc, engineered by longtime Topcats guitarist Buzzy Beano (he also plays on all of the the tracks), and released on his
Four Cats Radionic Records, has catchy tunes and good production values. Drummer Mike Barras , pedal steel player Dave Easley and violinist Theresa Andersson also contributed. Todd's CD release party is April 6 at Carrollton Station.


Zydeco Ballin'
Lil' Nathan & the Zydeco Big Timers

Son of legendary zydeco musician
Nathan Williams (Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas), Lil' Nathan has grown up in a world of rockin and rolling zydeco music. This Mardi Gras Records disc features Stanley "Buckwheat" Dural on keyboards and plenty of other great Louisiana zydeco players. A hot debut by another member of what promises to be a family dynasty in zydeco.


Back to Three
Red Line Annie
A finely crafted rock CD with good production values, catchy tunes, nice vocals. A well-done first effort by a hard working group. Based in both Baton Rouge and Metairie, Red Line Annie performs songs that are easy on the ears and pleasant to hear. Deserves a listen.


Rockin' Zydeco Party
Rockin' Dopsie Jr. & the Zydeco Twisters
A baker's dozen from one of Louisiana's hottest live acts. This
Mardi Gras Records CD reflects the eclectic nature of the group and features original songs plus covers of works by a broad variety of well known artists. A seriously tight band with a who's who guest list of musicians such as Davell Crawford, John Cleary, Jerry Jumonville and many others.


Sonic Boom
Bill Davis keeps the faith with this accessible set of tunes from one of the South's best bands. On Sonic Boom the band covers all the bases from ballads to the high-powered, fast rock that has driven college girls crazy at fraternity parties for more than a decade. We're particularly fond of their cover of the classic South Louisiana swamp pop gem "Opelousas Sostan."


The Tribute Sessions
Terrance Simien
This is an unusual CD. It features the always fun to listen to work of zydeco accordionist and singer Terrance Simien. But what makes it different is that there is narration between the songs. Terrance poignantly describes the work and influences other many music greats who influenced him. Both touching and fun, this CD, released by
AIM Records of Australia, proves that you can make good music and be informative.

Expecting God's Best
Renee Luv

A well-produced contemporary gospel CD by an accomplished Louisiana singer. Soulful with really sweet vocal performances. Inspirational. For more information call 225-819-8587.

The Legendary Bayou Boogie Recordings 1977-79
Van Broussard

Twenty one tunes from one of Louisiana's best Swamp Pop performers, this
CSP Records release captures the essence of Van Broussard. Features classic tunes, horns and lots of south Louisiana soul.

The Best of the Crawfish Years 1985-1991

Jammed with more than an hour's worth of great music, this
Rounder Records compilation of tunes by Lafayette's premier Cajun band, BeauSoleil, is a great trip through the band's musical legacy. Putting the word "best" in the title has never been more appropriate for this band lives up to that title.

Down Home on Dog Hill
Boozoo Chavis

The last recording by one of the greatest zydeco musicians ever. Another
Rounder Records release, produced by Scott Billington and recorded mere weeks before Boozoo passed, this CD will be an enduring work of a master. Featuring Sonny Landreth, David Greely and regular band members, the always colorful Classie Ballou Jr. on bass and sons Charles and Rellis on rubboard and drums (respectively), this might be Boozoo's final recordings, but the music lives on.

Little Black Dog
Amanda Shaw
In Louisiana, music has family values. It's passed on from generation to generation becoming a family tradition unlike anywhere in the world. And in Cajun country, it seems as if there is a flood of young musicians making their mark. This CD, produced by (and featuring) zydeco musician Chubby Carrier is the music of an incredible young girl named Amanda Shaw. She's energetic, a talented fiddle player, and cute beyond words. Already featured on the Rosie O'Donnell Show (like her predecessor Hunter Hayes), Amanda is a yet another budding star from Louisiana whose future is as bright as her smile.

Heaven on a Half Shell
Jeff Naideau
New Orleans attracts such a broad variety of musicians from around the world that it's almost a crime. Flocking here by the dozen, talented musicians seek to be a part of the unique history of this area, to absorb the incredible rich legacy that this place has dripping like moss on the trees. Jeff Naideau is one of those musicians. Having once played in the hard rock band Quiet Riot, he now seeks to be a soulful pianist whose music relishes and reflects the special qualities of Louisiana. Our congratulations to Jeff for being talented and smart enough to make the move. This CD is a welcome addition to our prolific musicscape.

Youth & Royalty
Daydreams & Curry
A CD release party will be held on Friday, October 12 at the
Howlin' Wolf. The CD features many guests including Jerry Jumonville and David Pirner. Produced by producers Mike Napolitano (Squirrel Nut Zippers, Blind Melon, Soul Asylum) and Ben Mumphrey (Bobby Adams, Love Bullies), this is the group's second CD.

LIVE at the Old Point
Mark Mullins blows a mean bone. And we mean that in the kindest, coolest way. Because as the main force behind Bonerama, Mullins takes the trombone to places few have dared. This long-awaited CD is not your typical trombonist's music. This disc rocks. Release parties will take place from October 12-13 at
Tipitina's, the Louisiana Music Factory, and of course, the Old Point Bar.

Zydeco Party
Buckwheat Zydeco
Another great release from
Rounder Records Heritage Series by zydeco's most successful breakthrough artist.

Burke Ingraffia
The fifth CD (counting those available on his mp3 site) from Burke Ingraffia, a talented guitarist, singer and songwriter. Samples available online, so check it out.

The Answer
Peter Martin
One cannot overstate the immense talent of pianist Peter Martin. Nor can one overstate his kind nature that has led so many artists to collaborate with him. This CD gives Peter a chance to show off his substantial chops. No doubt it will validate our claims.

Come On In
Irene Sage
Louisiana Red Hot Records
Produced by Anders Osborne, this hot new CD from one of New Orleans' sultriest singer/songwriters is a welcome addition to this list. Once considered to be the next big thing, Irene Sage has worked hard and earned the respect of musicians and fans alike. A great CD from a talented singer with strong southern roots who knows how to rock.

Straight Ahead
Tim Laughlin
Clarinetist Tim Laughlin carries on the tradition established by such greats as Pete Fountain and Barney Bigard. On this CD, Laughlin is joined by pianist Peter Martin, bassist Bill Huntington, guitarist John Eubanks and drummer Bunchy Johnson, assuring a quality of performance and passion that elevates this CD to lofty heights.

Music for the Blind
Words for Water
A young band, this is their first effort and proves to be a well-produced mix of modern rock tunes some of which are dramatic anthems. Contact Matt Keator at

The Best of Beau Jocque & the Zydeco Hi-Rollers
Rounder Records
No label has done more to celebrate and preserve the great music of Louisiana than Rounder Records. Scott Billington's efforts to record and promote great talent deserves kudos. This CD, part of the Rounder Heritage series, features 13 of the best recordings made by the late giant of zydeco. Beau Jocque's career was too short, but his music lives on.

Zydeco: The Language of New Orleans Vol. 5
Cajun: The Language of New Orleans Vol. 6
Louisiana Red Hot Records
More additions to the excellent series of compilation CDs from the fastest growing record label in Louisiana. A great way to sample the many artists and styles of Louisiana.
For more information call .

A collection of eclectic original tunes, sometimes ethereal, sometimes folkie, sometimes rock. A pleasant listen. For more information contact David Marks at or send

Mo Belle Créole
Moise & Alida Viator
This young sibling duo have created a snapshot of Louisiana music that includes Cajun and New Orleans Creole Jazz. Already a hot commodity, the Viators have performed at the Montreal Jazz Fest and appeared in Robert Mugge's recent movie.

Louisiana Love
Something Like That
An easy listening set of 9 original tunes and one cover that mix swamp pop, blues, rock, and folk. A well produced first effort.

American Reflection
Richard Carr
American Reflection marks Richard's sixth solo piano release. It is a collection of musical reflections, all but one of the twelve titles (America the Beautiful) are original, on several of the monuments in the National Plaza and a few of the historical events in the early days of our country in commemoration of the 225th anniversary of independence for the United States. American Reflection will be available in the New Orleans area the first week of July at
Louisiana Music Factory, Bep's Antiques & Music, Borders, Tower and later Barnes & Noble. Advance orders are currently available through my website. Other internet outlets will be CDBaby, earBuzz, and Amazon. Full tracks are currently available for listening at RichardCarr and mp3/Richard Carr. Local radio airplay can be found on Saturday and Sunday mornings on WTUL 91.5's Cheeze Music show. For any additional info contact Richard Carr at Rec'D Music at

Mardi Gras Records
Ultimate Zydeco
Featuring Zydeco's Greatest Artists
Mardi Gras Records has recorded some of the best traditional zydeco of the last decade. This collection features some of the most scintillating, hellfire tracks imaginable that gives zydeco its hip status among music lovers. An ultimate collection of over 1 hour of authentic Zydeco music from Southwest Louisiana. For more information contact
Mardi Gras Records at or visit their website.

Polychrome Junction
Leigh "Little Queenie" Harris
Leigh celebrates the release of her second CD, "Polychrome Junction" with a CD release party at Le Chat Noir , 715 St. Charles Avenue, on June 20th at 9pm. There is no cover charge and you may want to call to reserve your spot .
WWOZ will simulcast the performance both live and on their website. CD's can be purchased at the release party and by mail, cost is $20. send check or money order to Polychrome Junction.

Razor&Tie Entertainment
Better Day
The Continental Drifters
The long awaited album by the New Orleans-based supergroup made up of
Vicki Peterson, Susan Cowsill, Peter Holsapple and friends. CD release party at Howlin Wolf Monday, June 4. From what we've heard on WWOZ, a great American pop record.

STR Digital Records
The Spirit Within
Ricky Sebastien
A prolific and dynamic drummer, Ricky Sebastien has played with dozens of artists. On his own with this release, this musician's musician is joined by a who's who of great New Orleans jazz players.

Tutti Music
Antifluff Superstar
Antifluff Superstar
If you've ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Allen Toussaint with John Lennon, Prince and Frank Zappa, then you'd have an idea of the potential of songwriter/musician/producer Mark Galasso, the musical powerhouse behind this amazing CD. With 18 tunes, it's a bargain, too

Tomorrow Recordings
Down Home Live!
Buckwheat Zydeco
A rockin' hot set of live tunes from one of the true masters of zydeco. Stanley "Buckwheat Zydeco" Dural is a past member of the legendary Clifton Chenier's band. This CD finds him in fine form. The 72 minutes of hopping music is sure to make your feet move.

Alligator Records
Presumed Innocent
Marcia Ball
This is the Pianist/Vocalist/Songwriter's debut CD on Alligator Records label. "Rollicking, good-time blues and intimate, reflective balladry...Her songs ring with emotional maturity and the truth of experience. Superb and impressive...Ball has developed a signature style so transparently sincere that it seems like a window to her soul" writes Rolling Stone magazine. For concert & distribution information contact Marc Lipkin or Chris Moncada of Alligator Records publicity department by phone at or
via email.

One Drop Creations, Inc.
A Waterman's Tale
Michael Istre
Michael's debut CD is a beautiful musical journey into love, life and spirit. Outstanding guitar work and strong, poignant lyrics display Michael's talents in this 10 song CD. For more information contact Michael at or via

Basin Street Records
1533 St. Phillip Street
Kermit Ruffins
A wonderful collection of songs that illustrate why Kermit Ruffins is regularly voted the Entertainer of the Year, Best Male Performer or the Best Trumpeter in New Orleans. His latest CD offers downloadable video clips, photos and more if used in a computer. Contact Basin Street Records toll free 888-45 BASIN or via
email for distribution information.

Mardi Gras Records
Bourbon Street Swing
The Jerry Embree Swing Band
Swing down Bourbon Street to the big band sound of The Jerry Embree Swing Band. Their latest CD features 15 great New Orleans sounds. Distributed by
Jose Suescun Music. For more information on how to purchase the CD contact Jerry Embree at visit their web site.

Louisiana Red Hot Records
Soul Heavy
Tommy Malone
Tommy's first CD featuring 10 original "soulful" tunes. For distribution information contact
Louisiana Red Hot Records at

Louisiana Red Hot Records
Le Grand Bleu
This CD featuring 11 original tunes. Le Grand Bleu is a mixture of "cajun, rock, zydeco, & swamp pop" rolled into one great sound. For distribution information contact
Louisiana Red Hot Records at . For booking information contact Ritmo Artists at or via email.

Susie Q Records
Still Cookin
Sam Butera
Sam's latest release is being distributed by Susie Q Records of Shreveport, Louisiana. For specific information on where you can purchase the CD contact Stan Lewis of Susie Q Records at .

Ola Records
Voo Lover
Dino Pacino & The Zu!Zu! Ya!Ya! Band
Three song intro CD. Distribution by
New Orleans Radio For more information contact Mark Glynn at .

Louisiana Red Hot Records
The Masked Band
Keith Frank & The Creole Connection
This is the newest Frank family project marking a return to their Creole roots with a combination of English & Creole French lyrics and traditional Creole instrumentation. For distribution information contact Distribution North America at or
Louisiana Red Hot Records at .

Louisiana Red Hot Records
Walking to the Moon
Brad Paul Frank
This marks Brad's first solo recording, making his accordion debut. Walking to the Moon is 11 tracks of fresh nouveau zydeco. For distribution information contact Distribution North America at or
Louisiana Red Hot Records at .

Note: If you know of or operate a retail music sales site that sells Louisiana music, please let us know. We are eager to list all Louisiana music resources and need your help in maintaining this page. Thanks.

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