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Louisiana Music Commission

March 1999 to March 2000

 Executive Summary

This report covers the work of the Louisiana Music Commission (LMC) from March 1999 to March 2000. During that time period, Louisiana music continued to be a major seller in the world market, with more than $400 million in sales. Concurrently, the LMC's role in promoting and developing Louisiana's music industry has grown more important and achieved levels of success unprecedented in the history of the organization. The number of programs and projects undertaken by the LMC is increasing as are the positive effects of LMC activities. As a state agency the LMC is producing a ratio of 8:1 of results compared to budget, an enviable level of success for any state entity and a positive return for the taxpayers.

A list of Major Accomplishments, Major Issues and general activities follows. Overall, the LMC has produced accomplishments in preserving historic music resources, developing the Grammy Expo, garnering support for medical care for musicians, assisting in the development of careers and in expanding the presence of Louisiana music on radio. Issues in which the LMC is involved include clarifying LWCC's policy regarding live music, reducing piracy of Louisiana record companies' products, supporting educational efforts, and moving Louisiana's music and entertainment industries into the new digitally converged models.

A thorough perusal of this document will reveal an agency that is not only responsive in a rapid fashion, but an agency that possesses the personal and intellectual resources to address the ever-changing environment of the entertainment industry. Whether the state will expand or shrink its financial commitment to keeping the LMC a productive and viable agency is threatened by the state's current fiscal crisis. However, the facts prove that the LMC is a cost effective, responsive and responsible agency that maximizes not only the value of the dollars invested in operations, but the overall value of the state's vital music industry. The LMC has proven time and again that it can and will work with any and every available state resource to effectively develop and promote Louisiana's music industry.


During the past 12 months the Louisiana Music Commission has undergone both expansion and change. The addition of a full time Communications Specialist, Nanette Struck, allowed the LMC to increase its workload of service and development. The expanded utilization of college students is helping the LMC make significant progress in data management, program expansion and implementation. Existing programs such as Historic Site Development and the Louisiana Music History CD ROM are achieving success. Other initiatives such as Grammy Expo, the Forgotten Stars Program, Tracking Airplay, the Buy Louisiana Music Campaign, Promotional Assistance for CD Releases and the LMC Website are active and growing. Partnership projects such as the LSU Medical Center Musicians Clinic, the Loyola Music Business Program, the Cutting Edge Music Conference and efforts to end the City of New Orleans Amusement Tax also are active and in many cases expanding. And as usual, the level of response to incoming requests for assistance is very high with many new and interesting projects being added monthly. The results being that since March 1999 the LMC has participated in a broad range of projects unmatched in the history of the Commission.

The state finds itself in a unique position as the world shifts to a digital entertainment delivery system. Flush with content, songs, written works, visual images and intangible qualities that attract millions to the state and its creative resources, Louisiana has an opportunity to capitalize on its content in ways never before possible. This convergence of technologies is being addressed in the proposal for Louisiana, Inc. via the creation of an Entertainment Cluster. Now, with the expected dominance of the Internet, multimedia and the jobs and skills necessary to produce interactive content have grown in importance to become vital to the success of entertainment efforts. Though Louisiana, like most states, is short on multimedia-savvy technology workers, the state remains a magnet for those seeking to work in the entertainment industry. Thus our digital future is as potentially bright as our music industry is successful.

However, not all news is good. Louisiana's music legacy is threatened in a variety of areas locally and abroad. Older recordings are being bootlegged internationally at an alarming rate. Efforts to stop this process are running into legal hurdles that point out shortcomings in Louisiana's Revised Statutes that we are seeking to cure. And Louisiana's older songwriters still are not receiving their full due because of poor publishing deals made years ago. The LMC seeks to remedy this by recruiting Louisiana law schools to assist in clearing the titles of these songs and bringing the revenues back into the state.

The mixed blessing represented by the Internet means that just as Louisiana artists are finding new, innovative ways to access the market, programs such as Napster, which allows users to download nearly any song for free, are threatening the fabric of commerce in the entire music industry. And the inevitable hand of time is shrinking Louisiana's pool of legendary talent as evidenced by the deaths of Al Hirt, Beau Jocque, Aldus Roger, Jimmy Domengeaux, Tommy Ridgley, Roland Stone and many others.

Perhaps the biggest threat to the LMC is not the changing environment caused by digital convergence, but the fiscal crisis faced by the State of Louisiana. Though the LMC is a cost effective agency returning many times more money than is invested in it, critical needs of the state, such as health care and education, too, are threatened. Thus the LMC finds itself competing for dollars with other programs that often are life or death matters. Thus, the very existence of the LMC is endangered. However, since one of the reasons the state is in such a predicament is due to a need to diversify economic resources and better build upon Louisiana's traditional strengths, further investment in the LMC is a positive step toward a more stable economic future.

Major Accomplishments

Preserving Music Sites and Historic Resources:

New Orleans Jazz Centennial Celebration (NOJCC) Jazz Walk of Fame
Algiers Levee

The first phase of major construction of the paved promenade on the Algiers Levee from the Ferry Landing to DeArmas Street at Mardi Gras World has been completed at a cost of approximately $700,000. The next step is to raise sponsors to subsidize the 66 interactive "stations" (cost: $12,000 each) honoring legendary jazz musicians from Louisiana. To date this project has cost the State of Louisiana less than $100,000 since most of the funding has come from federal, regional and private funding sources. Phase 2 plans call for another Walk of Fame to go down river from the Ferry Landing to the Old Algiers Courthouse. This is the biggest music memorial in Louisiana to date and ultimately will honor more than 120 Louisiana music legends and already is attracting international tourists.

Dew Drop Hall & Social Club Building

This unique, more than 100 year old wooden building has a near unmatched history as a venue for early jazz in Louisiana. The building's owner, Dr. Jinx Broussard, worked with the LMC to find a public entity, in this case the City of Mandeville, to take over the property and preserve it as a museum and educational facility promoting knowledge of Louisiana's music history. An agreement was reached this year with the City of Mandeville and the building will be preserved and used as Dr. Broussard intended. The LMC played a vital role in this project.

NOJCC Jazz Informances for Elementary Schools

The LMC helps facilitate a program conducted by NOJCC (a nonprofit corporation) that brings jazz music history lessons to Louisiana elementary schools statewide. Utilizing groups trained to present a program for the students, these "jazz informances" are audience participation history lessons that present a colorful musical history of Louisiana. Recently expanded state wide, the program has, in the past two school years, reached 50,000 children in more than a dozen communities, raised over $100,000 and paid two-thirds of the money directly to the musicians. Thus the program not only spreads our musical heritage to new generations, but helps current musicians make a living.

Honoring Cosimo Matassa and J&M Studios
New Orleans

A plaque was installed on the original site of J&M Studios on the 50th anniversary of the recording of "The Fat Man" by Fats Domino. Both Fats and Dave Bartholomew, along with many other living legends such as Allen Toussaint and Ernie K-Doe, participated in the ceremony which honored Cosimo Matassa's contributions to music. The event was covered by national press. This is the first of three such plaques to be erected honoring Matassa in whose studio scholars say rock and roll was born.


Expanding Radio and Television Exposure for Louisiana Artists and Companies:

WTIX 690AM Talk Show
New Orleans

Bernie Cyrus has voluntarily assumed the role of co-host and producer of a two hour talk show on WTIX 690AM to help promote Louisiana music and events. Airing from 2 to 4 PM Monday to Friday, the show has featured as guests Fats Domino, Pete Fountain, Hunter Hayes, Ronnie Kole, Marc & Ann Savoy, the Creole Zydeco Farmers, Lenny McDaniel, Brian Stoltz and many others. The show also highlights music resources such as Jazzland, events and benefits and covers vital issues for musicians such as health&emdash;the state's chief epidemiologist was a recent guest&emdash;and legal matters. The station's 10,000 watt signal easily reached Baton Rouge and into several states.

Low Power Radio Initiative

The LMC joined the Federal Communications Commission in supporting expanding licensing opportunities for noncommercial low power radio. The FCC approved the measure though it has strong opposition from commercial radio. Since station ownership has become consolidated into the hands of fewer and fewer owners, Louisiana artists are seeing less airplay on commercial radio. Low power stations in schools and run by nonprofit community organizations will be more open to Louisiana music. The LMC hopes to install several stations in schools around the state within the next few years creating a Louisiana Music Radio Network that will help new artists and labels get airplay.


Development Programs:

Buy Louisiana Music Campaign

The LMC initiated a Buy Louisiana Music campaign launched via a series of ads in music periodicals both in Louisiana and internationally. The campaign developed a graphic "bug" the LMC hopes to add to other state promotions and advertisements done by other agencies. The intent is to leverage the state's advertising spending to produce more potential for commerce and to help stimulate sales of product produced and sold by Louisiana music companies.

LMC Website

The LMC's website, www.louisianamusic.org, expanded its offerings to include information regarding song submissions for movies, videos and other projects in which music is in demand. Working with a national publication that lists requests for specific music, the LMC added listing information to its website. Also, the site's News page is averaging more than 20 stories per month covering issues affecting musicians, new product releases, and events promotion. In 1999 the LMC's site helped promote more than 25 benefits dealing with musicians and music-related entities. The LMC assisted in promoting more than 100 CDs via the LMC website.

Putumayo Records

The LMC was the first state agency contacted by Putumayo Records, a resourceful and innovative label that specializes in World Music. The owners of the label proposed a series of releases combined with a filmed documentary to promote Louisiana music. Knowing that the LMC's budget could not provide adequate support, we referred them to the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. CRT consequently worked out a $50,000 cooperative advertising plan with Putumayo. The company paid a $1,500 licensing fee to the publishers of each of the more than two dozen songs contained on the first two CDs the label released, returning in cash value, most of CRT's cooperative investment.

Media Placement of La. Music Stories

The LMC successfully convinced Delta Airlines' Sky magazine to do a cover story on Louisiana music. The latest issue features the story, written by Louisiana writer and musician Ben Sandmel, is available in print and online. The article covers music and music resources throughout the state. Other media assisted included press from England, Germany, Italy and Canada.


Partnership/Sponsorship Programs:

Loyola Music Business Degree Program

The LMC is assisting Loyola University in building its Music Business Degree Program by sponsoring and co-developing events and projects. The Loyola program is an ambitious effort to institute a world-class music business program that deals with the infrastructure of the music industry. Funded by grants from the Hilton Foundation, the Loyola program is the only such effort by higher education in Louisiana to date. The program will offer a series of free seminars dealing with music business issues and will participate in the LMC's efforts to bring the seminars state wide.

Cutting Edge Music Conference/LMNOP Music Conference

The LMNOP conference, due to a withdrawal of funding from the Louisiana Office of Tourism, has been canceled for 2000. The Cutting Edge Music Conference will take place this Fall in conjunction with a meeting of the International Festival Association which will provide Louisiana artists and companies with a unique opportunity to network with the world's festival producers. The LMC is facilitating talks between the producers of Cutting Edge and LMNOP to possibly combine their events and resources. We are encouraged by preliminary communications and hope to announce a merger in the very near future.

Music in the Digital Millennium Forum
Tulane Law School

The LMC sponsored and participated in a continuing legal education forum titled Music in the Digital Millennium at Tulane Law School. The forum was open to the public and featured booths and seminars on several topics of great importance as the "digital paradigm" affects the music industry. As often happens at these conferences, deals were made. Several record production deals were sealed and a more than million dollar investment by a digital music company in a local record label will help assure that local label's continued investment in the Louisiana music scene.

LSU Medical Center Musicians Clinic

The LMC secured a $5,000 grant from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to support the Musicians Clinic. Additionally, the LMC met with the national director of the Hepatitis-C Awareness Network and is working to promote awareness of this disease which affects 1 of 50 people in the USA. To maintain a healthy music industry Louisiana needs healthy musicians. The Clinic is a vital component in helping the overall Louisiana music industry thrive.

Building a NARAS Chapter

Partnering with the Loyola Music Business Degree Program, the LMC is working to build membership in the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) the Grammy organization. Louisiana membership is currently administered through the Memphis chapter. The LMC sponsored a luncheon at Loyola and is actively participating in plans to encourage musicians to join.


Major Issues

Economic Development Issues:

Grammy Expo and Hall of Fame
New Orleans

Since 1995 the LMC has sought to bring the Grammy Expo to New Orleans. The Expo is a more than $50 million project that will build an archive and museum of American music history. To be designed by the nation's leading high tech exhibit and theme park company, Landmark Entertainment, the Expo will be fully digital allowing users to take customized guided tours via a handheld computer. Also, the facility will feature a 3 to 4 thousand seat auditorium in which current year Grammy winners will perform on a monthly basis. Entertainment Realty LLC have secured a financial commitment from Newman & Associates Investment Bankers, a subsidiary of GMAC Commercial Mortgage, to underwrite $50 million in financing predicated on a feasibility study to be conducted by Economics Research Associates (ERA). The LMC is seeking $50,000 to fund the feasibility study and is looking to the Downtown Development District, MetroVision, the Chamber and state sources. The feasibility study needs to be funded immediately in order to determine if there will be any need to add components of this project to the Capital Outlay budget in the upcoming Regular Session.

LWCC and Live Music

A year ago we reported that we solved a dilemma involving workers compensation and live music. However, a recent determination by the state's largest workers' compensation company, LWCC again threatens the viability of live music in Louisiana. LWCC decided to enforce premiums on a New Orleans music venue to cover the itinerant contract musicians performing there. If this policy is enforced statewide it could serve as a disincentive to venues that feature live music. Since live music is the most productive aspect of the state's music industry, this situation is critical. Talks are underway between the LMC and LWCC. However, after several months, there have been no conclusive results. The LMC continues to press the issue and seeks assistance from the Board of LWCC to clarify and remedy this situation.


Copyright Issues:

Forgotten Stars Program

The LMC is still developing a program to help recoup the royalties of older songwriters via a law school-based effort. This effort solves two dilemmas by helping bring money back to deserving families and by educating a new generation of attorneys about the music business. The Loyola Music Business Degree Program is working to get Loyola Law School involved in the program and the LMC has contacted LSU Law School.

Protecting Older Recordings by Louisiana Labels

Louisiana boasts the nation's oldest continually run jazz label, GHB and Jazzology Records, owned by George Buck (also the owner of radio station WTIX 690AM). As GHB releases reach the 50 year mark, European labels are stealing the recordings and re-releasing them. Though this is piracy, it is legal because of international copyright rules prior to 1978 which affect older recordings. The LMC consulted with the state Attorney General's office to determine if there are any relevant statues within Louisiana law that could be called upon to end the piracy. Since a large part of Louisiana's music legacy is made up of older recordings, there is a sense of haste in trying to remedy this situation before more of our legacy is commercially eroded.


Education Issues:

Music in the Schools

Joining with the Louisiana Alliance for Arts Education in seeking adherence to the National Standards for Arts Education, the LMC is also advocating for a qualified music teacher in every school. Additionally, the LMC is producing a CD ROM called "An Introduction to the History of Music in Louisiana" that will be distributed to every school and library in Louisiana. The CD ROM is intended to be the first of a series documenting fully the musical history of the state.


Internal Issues:

Louisiana, Inc.

The legislation creating this new economic development company in which the LMC will be housed will drastically affect the overall operations of the office. Though the legislation creating the LMC is retained within Louisiana, Inc.'s charter, how the LMC will be funded and operated is still in question as of the writing of this report. However, the LMC is perceived as a model agency by the consultants who drafted the plan and the LMC is expected to maintain and possibly expand its operations as part of the Entertainment Cluster.


Other Issues:

A major role of the LMC is that of talent developer. Fewer and fewer record labels are committing the resources necessary to develop artists along their career paths. With the exception of trends such as boy groups and teen females, the latter a phenomenon launched by Kentwood's Britney Spears, musical acts rarely are able to find the mentors, business advisors and other career guidance they need to grow. The LMC seeks to fill this need via a diverse set of resources including the LMC website, databases, reference materials and the general knowledge of the staff. Additionally, the LMC provides promotional assistance via press releases and the website.

The fact that the LMC offers promotional and developmental assistance is causing a growing interest in the work of the LMC and more requests for assistance. Since the LMC conducts ongoing surveys of the state's music resources and of radio stations that play Louisiana music, we are able to provide timely advice and information that helps Louisiana artists and labels better target their marketing and promotion efforts. The results being the LMC is helping these companies spend their limited funds more efficiently and productively. However, the growing demand for these services has increased the LMC's workload and strained limited resources.


General Contacts (a partial chronological listing):

  • Met with representatives of the LSU Medical Center and from Austin, Texas to discuss the structure of the Musicians Clinic and how to expand the concept to Austin and Nashville
  • Attended the American Heart Association benefit
  • Attended and assisted in the promotion of the Northshore Blues Festival
  • Sponsored and participated in the LMNOP music conference in New Orleans
  • Moved LMC offices to UNO Jefferson Center on Causeway Blvd.
  • Bernie Cyrus traveled to Memphis as a guest of the newly formed Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission to discuss the structure and role of the LMC
  • Attended a meeting of the faculty of the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA) and the president of the Orleans Parish School Board
  • Attended and assisted in the promotion of the Bluesberry Festival
  • Bernie Cyrus met in Baton Rouge with Senators Hainkel and Hollis and met with a reporter from the BR Business Report to discuss the work of the LMC
  • Bernie Cyrus met in Lafayette with members of the media and the local music scene
  • Steve Picou met in Baton Rouge for meeting at DED
  • Bernie Cyrus assisted with Project Prodigy at Nelson Elementary School
  • Held a meeting of the LMC Marketing committee
  • Bernie Cyrus traveled to Montreal to monitor the state's participation in the Montreal Jazz Festival
  • Met with Blaine Kern to discuss the Jazz Walk of Fame
  • Held a meeting of the LMC but had no quorum
  • Attended the Land O' Pines Battle of the Bands
  • Attended a meeting to discuss the LSU Medical Center Musicians Clinic
  • Assisted in the promotion of a piano competition
  • Met with Morgan Clevenger to discuss the Jazz Legacy Awards
  • Met with Andrew Jaeger to discuss the Amusement Tax
  • Attended a CD release event for Marilee Southworth, assisted with promotion
  • Met with several new bands to advise on strategies for development
  • Bernie guest hosted for several days on WTIX AM
  • Met with James Borders of the Division of the Arts to discuss jazz issues
  • Attended a meeting of the N.O. Downtown Development District
  • Assisted the N.O. Rhythm Section in planning their new CD release
  • Attended the Frankie Ford birthday bash, assisted with promotion
  • Met with Nick Barranger to discuss a new CD release
  • Met with Sandra Dartus of the French Quarter Festival to discuss a benefit
  • Attended a budget meeting at DED in Baton Rouge
  • Met with musician Brian Stoltz to discuss an upcoming CD
  • Met with Baton Rouge businessman David Young to advise him on developing a new, young musical act
  • Attended Congressman Billy Tauzin's Digital Summit at LSU
  • Attended a private reception for the head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in Baton Rouge
  • Attended and assisted in the promotion of Jeff Fest
  • Met with Steve Salbudowsky to discuss formation of a music committee for the newly formed Internet Coalition
  • Facilitated and participated in the Ground Breaking ceremonies for the Jazz Walk of Fame on the Algiers Levee
  • Met with Memphis businessman (and LSU graduate) Silky Sullivan to discuss his possible investment in a music venue in the French Quarter
  • Steve Picou attended and participated in a meeting of the Louisiana Economic Development Council in Lafayette
  • Attended a budget hearing of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget in Baton Rouge
  • Met with Jim Bessman of Billboard magazine
  • Steve Picou visited Fred's Lounge, Marc Savoy's music store and attended Geno Delfose's Fan Appreciation Party in Mamou and Eunice with Jim Bessman and Todd Ortego, a regional record retailer
  • Bernie Cyrus attended a video editing and technology seminar in Lafayette
  • Staged a Musicians Clinic Focus Group meeting at the American Federation of Musicians local in New Orleans
  • Met with Putumayo Records owners and Michael Murphy to discuss and advise the label on how best to raise interest and money for their projects in Louisiana
  • Met with Louis Meyers of the LMNOP music conference
  • Steve Picou attended the first meeting between DED and the consultants working on the re-engineering project
  • Bernie Cyrus attended Media Night
  • Steve Picou lectured Connie Atkinson's music history class at UNO
  • Met with Justin Zitler and a representative of Tulane Law School as a follow up on the Digital Music Forum
  • Bernie Cyrus met with representatives of Redwood Productions
  • Bernie Cyrus met with Lawrence David Moon, a composer working on an opera about the life of Marie Laveau
  • Met with Damon Batiste to discuss LMC sponsorship of an effort to build a relationship with South Africa via a major music event in that country
  • Attended a budget meeting at DED
  • Bernie Cyrus met with Governor Foster and Steve Perry to discuss the work of the LMC
  • Bernie Cyrus hosted on WTIX featuring Frankie Ford
  • Sponsored and attended a NARAS luncheon at Loyola
  • Assisted in staging, promoted and hosted a ceremony honoring Cosimo Matassa and J&M Studios attended by Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew, Allen Toussaint and many more
  • Bernie Cyrus accepts regular slot on WTIX, show featuring Pete Fountain and Aaron Neville airs
  • Charlie Smith on WTIX to discuss NOCCA
  • Timothea on WTIX to discuss Hepatitis-C along with the national director of the Hep-C Awareness Network
  • Installed ethernet network in the LMC offices
  • Met with Cindy Badinger and representatives of a group planning to stage a major gospel music festival in New Orleans
  • Met with Troy Otnott to discuss the Grammy Expo
  • Met with Beverly Andry of NOJCC to discuss exhibit area design and cost for the Jazz Walk
  • Bernie Cyrus met with Covington mayor Keith Villere
  • Attended International Association of Jazz Educators Conference in New Orleans
  • Met with attorney Steve Chouest and Cindy Badinger to discuss gospel festival
  • Met with Scott Frederickson of the Loyola Music Business Degree Program to discuss holding free seminars
  • Attended the National Association of Television Production Executives in New Orleans
  • Attended a meeting with Mitchell Bring, a consultant with the group drafting the plans to reengineer the state's economic development efforts
  • Met with Senator Heitmeier and Troy Otnott to discuss raising money for the feasibility study for Grammy Expo
  • Met with representatives of Clubcastlive.com of Austin about establishing a New Orleans office of their company and assisting them in finding qualified people to fill jobs
  • Met with Eric Cager to discuss LMC sponsorship of the upcoming Cutting Edge music conference
  • Attended the OffBeat Music Business Awards
  • Attended a meeting of the Music Coalition of Louisiana
  • Met with Phil Hart of Billboard to discuss finding sponsors for the New Orleans Spotlight in an upcoming issue
  • Bernie Cyrus facilitated Ellis Marsalis' performance at a benefit for the D Day Museum at the Governor's Mansion
  • Met with Representative Karen Carter, Dan Ray of Newman and Associates and Troy Otnott to discuss Newman's commitment to provide $50 million in funding for the Grammy Expo predicated on a favorable feasibility study to be conducted by Electronic Research Associates and the need to find $50,000 to fund the study
  • Worked with the Department of Elections and MTV's Choose or Lose to stage a publicity event at which Britney Spears would register to vote when she returned to New Orleans on April 4.
  • Met with Scott Frederickson and Reid Wick of the Loyola Music Business Degree Program and Carla DeCorte to discuss staging a music conference just before the Fall semester starts
  • Steve Picou met with Roy Mongrue of the Attorney General's office to discuss whether state law could be amended to better protect Louisiana copyright holders, especially older recorded product
  • Discussed ideas for funding the completion of a feature film on Allen Toussaint with film maker Stevenson Palfi
  • Worked with the City of Mandeville to save the Dew Drop Hall & Social Club
  • Developed a plan to establish a special scholarship fund for Mandeville High School for the UNO Jazz Studies Program
  • Discussed the GHB Records piracy problem with Floyd Soileau of Ville Platte and also his desire to have his archives established at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • Worked with newly established Technology director Don Hutchinson at the Division of Administration to update him on the relationship between music and technology innovation
  • Worked with 50 year music veteran, concert harmonica player Larry Logan to review his recently produced video and CDs and his autobiography to assist in finding ways to promote and sell his products
  • Contacted Louisiana studio owner Parker Dinkins to discuss international copyright issues and the failure of Louisiana companies to embed protective ISRC codes in their songs during the mastering process
  • Contacted the RIAA, administrators of the ISRC code program, to request information on ISRC
  • Met with Louisiana film maker Pat Mire and script writer Charles Richard to discuss their plans to produce a documentary on Louisiana music
  • Contacted MetroVision to discuss finding funding for the Grammy Expo feasibility study
  • Discussed the the GHB Records piracy problems with Stan Lewis of Shreveport
  • Installed a new phone system at the LMC offices
  • Contacted by Lafayette attorney King Alexander to discuss a proposal he was promoting to international insurers regarding the licensing of music
  • Discussed with Gloria Powers getting Britney Spears to agree to videotape her receiving the Artist of the Year award from the Big Easy Awards
  • Contacted Charmaine Caccioppi of the Chamber in New Orleans to discuss Grammy Expo
  • Assisted a Belgian jazz band in securing Honorary Citizenship certificates from the City of New Orleans
  • Assisted in the planning of a benefit on the Riverboat Natchez for NOJCC and the Jazz Walk
  • Discussed with Louis Meyers of LMNOP the possibility of merging his efforts with Eric Cager of the Cutting Edge conference
  • Requested that the Attorney General's office help Justin Zitler's appeal to the Supreme Court in Professor Longhair Estate versus Bearsville Records by writing an Amicus Curiae brief
  • Counseled Sue Bradley of the Southeast Louisiana Music Association in finding ways to preserve the organization
  • Assisted Idaho developer Peter Cooper in finding ways to utilize music instruction as an amenity for a bed and breakfast he is refurbishing on Canal Street
  • Discussed Congressional efforts to derail the Low Power Radio Initiative with Mike Bracy of the Low Power Radio Coalition in Washington DC
  • Assisted Scott Frederickson of Loyola by providing a letter of support for his efforts to bring the National Music Business Educators Association to New Orleans in 2002
  • Contacted musicians in Shreveport, Baton Rouge and Lake Charles to find artists for consideration for the Montreal Jazz Festival at the request of commissioner Roxy Wright
  • Discussed with Gregg Gothreaux of the Lafayette Economic Development Authority the possibility of staging a public forum on music and entertainment at his facility
  • Contacted Britney Spears management to confirm their commitment to the voter registration and Big Easy Awards event. However, her management canceled the plans until further notice but agreed to assist in finding time when she takes a tour break in the near future.

General Statistics:

Incoming phone calls: 5,000+
Incoming emails: 3,200
Website visitors: 7,000+
Outgoing Postal Mail: 930

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